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About Us
Augusta Coding & Transcription, Inc (ACTI) is a woman-owned Corporation with over 30 years of transcription experience. We provide high quality cost-effective transcription and coding solutions for a wide variety of sub-specialites. We offer secure HIPAA compliant web-based access to all dictated notes from ANYWHERE in the WORLD.
We are based in the Evans/Augusta, Georgia area but there are NO geographical limitations to our service.
How ACTI Works:
Local or use toll free 1-800 number to call into our dictation system available 24/7.
Digital hand-held recorder option with cradle to PC – to our server.
Documents transcribed and available to client immediately through desktop icon and connection to the internet with secure User ID # and Password.
Client can Edit, View, and Print on-site with electronic document approval.
Automated fax capabilities to your referrings.
Speech recognition capabilities to include back-end voice training.
No dictation equipment to buy.  No contracts required.
Records stored indefinitely and serve as an EMR for patient information.
How our Digital Dictation and Document Retrieval Systems process works

All offices, clinics, hospital and other professionals can use our digital dictation system and document retrieval system, regardless of your size. Our systems use 128 bit encryption technology along with secure IP connections to ensure security.

Physicians can use a telephone from anywhere to dictate patient reports by simply picking up the telephone, dialing a local or toll-free number and entering their user identification and patient demographic data. The dictation is captured on our digital dictation system. Once the report is captured, the system then routes the dictation to predefined work pools to be transcribed by designated, available, logged-in transcriptionists.

Our digital dictation system can work with a variety of input options and is compatible with other existing systems protecting your office or hospital from investing in additional dictating equipment.

Dictation can be accomplished without the dictator being tied to a telephone or dictation station with the use of hand-held devices. Once you have completed your dictation, simply dock the hand-held into the docking station or direct connect USB cable to a PC. Each file is then automatically downloaded, converted, encrypted and transferred to our exclusive central dictation server via the internet.
click here to view hand-held units.
The files are transferred securely over the internet and can only be decrypted by the Encryption Manager with the license for that particular installation. In other words, even another installation of the encryption manager cannot decrypt the files, only the registered and licensed software program for that particular download can activate the decryption of voice files.

The download software uses IP connections, NOT EMAIL. All files are transferred point to point, leaving little possibility of a “copy” being left on an internet server somewhere.

Our dictation system supplies multi-levels of document management options, details, and prioritizes reports, including audit trails for each and every dictated report at any stage of the dictated report cycle.

Once the dictation has been captured and ready to be transcribed, they are routed to appropriate logged-in transcriptionists based on priority, turnaround time and work-pool assignments. Once the dictation has been transcribed and reviewed by the Quality Assurance Department, your reports can be immediately accessed for Viewing, Editing, and Printing using the Document Viewer on any PC at any location whether it be your office, home or satellite clinic site.

All users, including transcriptionists and dictators must have a “keyed” executable file along with a log-in name and password.

The Document Retrieval System can track each user’s access attempts. Access is tracked by the remote users IP address, log-in name and password presented. It also tracks user’s access to patient files, date of access and any editing done.

There is also a tracking history of document edits. Each time a document is modified, a backup copy is created of the original document along with the date of the modification. The person’s identity that is performing the modification is also tracked Modifications or edits may be tracked back to the original document.

The Document Retrieval System features the following:
  • HIPAA compliant

  • Secure encrypted connections.
  • SQL database for stability.

  • Centralized management and distribution.

  • Remote management.

  • Remote access for physicians and staff.

  • Centralized solution to manage transcriptionists and patient documents.

  • Allows transcriptionists to access account specific templates, signature lines, etc, while being managed from one location.

  • Templates, forms, signature lines, etc., may be edited or added as needed. Changes are effective immediately for all users.

  • Transcriptionists do not save any files locally or on their personal computers, making HIPAA compliancy easier to manage.

  • If connection is lost while typing, the file is encrypted and saved locally, therefore, not allowing unauthorized viewing, printing, editing, etc. The software will not allow the file to be reopened until the local workstation connects with the central server for log-in identification.

  • Remote access to patient notes by Physicians across the internet.

  • Secure, encrypted log-in and password for HIPAA compliancy.

  • Reports available for billing and management.

  • HL7 Compliant for interfacing, when necessary.

  • Interfacing to EMR available on custom order basis.

  • Scalable to the end users needs.

  • Billing verification for both ends. Line count available for uploaded documents.

  • Built-in word processor eliminates upgrade concerns of third party products. Emulates Word or Word Perfect...

  • Word expander included.

  • Third party word expanders and spell checking software available.
  • Meet Our Team
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       Sue Trivelpiece

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